Globally Accredited Professional Coaching Courses

Globally Accredited Professional Coaching Courses

20 years of being the unrivalled TRUSTED training partners and providers of expert and life-changing learning. Qualifications that shape the future of your success with science

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August 12th start for all part-time Qualifications

we are long-established

Level up with competence and confidence

We provide best practice quality Professional Coaching courses for individuals, teams and businesses. Recognised as thought leaders in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and human-behaviour systems; Globally, PSG is one of the longest established and trusted coaching with neuroscience organisations.

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17th August
7pm - 8pm

Join us ONLINE to find out everything you need to know about the advantages of qualifying with the only licensed Global Accreditation in Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN)
The most EVOLVED and ADVANCED qualification

Two decades of experience

20 years of Globally Accredited, Trusted Professional Coaching Courses

Discover why the only science needed for your success is Neuroscience

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coaching and neuroscience courses for self-development

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to add as a service for my clients or start my own coaching business

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for my career and my job progression



Over 2 decades of delivering Quality Professional Coaching Courses.

Globally Accredited Professional Qualifications in
Coaching with Neuroscience with the WACN (WacnGlobal)

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