Emotional Intelligence

Originally coined by two US psychologists, Peter Salovey and John Mayers, Emotional Intelligence refers to a learned ability to perceive, understand and express our feelings accurately and to control our emotions so that they work for us, not against us. Studies have shown it is a combination of particular personal and interpersonal skills that makes the difference.

A pioneer study undertaken by Manila University in association with Reuven BarOn, the designer of the EQ-i, the first scientifically validated Emotional Quotient (EQ) test, showed that EQ accounted for 27% of the job success of front line bank employees, whereas IQ scores were shown to account for less than 6%.

As recognised Emotional Intelligence industry experts, we provide Emotional Intelligence assessments, training, coaching and consultancy.

Option 1


  • -EQ-i V2.0 Resource Report
  • -Online Assessment
  • -Your own copy of the report
  • -15 minute telephone feedback

Option 2


  • -EQ-i V2.0 Resource Report
  • -Online Assessment
  • -Your own copy of the report
  • -A 45 minute coaching session

Option 3


  • -EQ-i V2.0 Resource Report
  • -Online Assessment
  • -Your own copy of the report
  • -Two 60 minute coaching sessions
  • -Focus on personal effectiveness and communication skills
  • -One session to review findings and the second to create your personal development action plan for the future

Option 4


  • -EQ-i Executive Leadership Report
  • -Online Assessment
  • -Your own copy of the report
  • -A two hour personal masterclass
  • -Focus on the four dimensions of effective leadership
  • -Review findings and receive insight into your leadership strengths and build effective strategies for development

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