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Accredited SURE-Sales Coaching Powered by Neuroscience Programmes

Being a Sure-Sales Coach with Neuroscience enables you as a manager and leader get to the core of what your sales reps need and coach them to win the deals at a time when all the old stabilisers of deal making (trust, decision making and regulating emotional states) no longer work 15 years ago, while at Harvard, Patrick McGinnis coined the phrase FOBO (a relation of FOMO) FOBO stands for ‘Fear Of Better Options’.

FOBO sits on proven research that humans are now addicted (dopamine hit) with checking out every possible option when faced with a decision thinking the best option will be the next option.
Yes, thanks to how we have been impacted by technology and all things digital, we can know look at ourselves as FOBO-sapiens

The key word here is ‘FEAR’.

No one likes being in a state of ‘fear’ and our natural response habit is to try get some relief from the adrenaline and cortisol fear drives through our nervous system by getting a fix of dopamine, in other words, go look for a better deal (keep swiping)

While our customers are wired for FOBO, they are withholding from closing the sale with us because the need for dopamine has a direct impact on the anatomy of trust and therefore impedes decision making.

In Sale we know the importance of fostering and building trust and now with rapid changing products plus hybrid and remote working at an all-time high, digital-trust adds an extra layer of complexity to winning deals. This is where the power of coaching with neuroscience really helps sales out.

What does the power of Neuroscience offer Sales Coaching?

Let’s look at the problem:
In sales we have to provide options to our customers in order to meet their needs but if we enable a space for too many options our clients turn away from decision making .

All good sales leaders, managers and reps know that to be successful you need to effectively marry the ART of trusted relationship building with the SCIENCE of problem-solving, product knowledge and data management.

However, while this works there is often an underlying and overlooked variable that impedes long lasting results, costs businesses their customers and leads to high attrition rates in sales reps. That variable is the ART of being human and understanding that humans are complex chemical beings that are wired to behave in a certain way.

Traditional Sales and sales coaching work hard to try connect human behaviour and performance in order to drive results using old wiring maps. Using traditional coaching and sales can lead to the follow:
  • lack of decision making
  • loss of customers and therefore sales
  • reps who are burnt out and end up quitting

The reality is sales managers and their reps spend huge amounts of time, energy and money trying to close one sale while chasing the next one all the while their targets and increasing.

Let's look at the solution

Our SURE-Sales approach is Sales Coaching powered by Neuroscience. It is based on years of research and experience helping sales coaches and managers coach their reps to win deals and get results through growing their accounts.

Humans are energy beings and as we all know; our energy is affected by many factors (often outside of our control) inside and outside of the workplace having a continuous impact on our nervous system and putting huge stress and pressure on mental health.

Qualifying as a SURE-Sales Coach with Neuroscience

Our SURE-Sales Coaching programme brings you all the best of coaching with a unique 3 pillar model that incorporates human behaviour science, emotional intelligence and neuro-sales performance tools

It brings together years of designing and delivering coaching skills programmes within sales organisations globally and the unrivalled wealth of experience we have of integrating the combined sciences of human behaviour and how it impacts our effectiveness and decision making.

Our tried and trusted SURE-Sales Coaching with Neuroscience Model has the following 3 pillars:
  • Influence: understanding what impacts our Energy in Motion (across all our brain systems)
  • Regulate: regulate and co-regulate emotional states throughout the whole sales cycle
  • Integrate: a whole-cycle integrated with neuroscience approach to sales

Every single thing we do as human energy systems creates, reacts and responds to brain chemistry. All human interactions share and exchange those chemicals whether we want to or not. Sales is all about energy and chemistry exchange to build trust in relationships.

This is exactly why our unique SURE-Sales Coaching powered by Neuroscience approach was built on the framework of ART-SCIENCE-ART and incorporates real insights from Coaching, Mentoring and Supervising Sales teams to enables them grow their relationships to grow their results.

Instead of the linear traditional client-centric sales approach, Sure-Sales Coaching with Neuroscience enables a Wholesystem-sales-cycle Integrated with Neuroscience approach (WIN) where all humans are set up for the best possible outcome.

These Accredited programmes offer 4 levels of learning to support wherever you are at in your career:
  • SURE-Sales Coach with Neuroscience Certificate
  • SURE-Sales Coach with Neuroscience Practitioner
  • SURE-Sales Coach with Neuroscience Advanced
  • SURE-Sales Coach with Neuroscience Train the Trainer

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Note from PSG Founder

My role over the last 20 years includes advancing and revolutionising how the power of coaching works best inside and outside of business. Together with a team of leading experts we set about transforming and enhancing the foundations of coaching and coach training.

Our courses carry global accreditation and provides best practice live and online learning with the latest demos, resources and peer-practice opportunities to offer you Coaching Excellence at all levels Maureen Hewitt, CEO and Global Academic Director

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