Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience - 9 Modules

Discounts may be available. Interest-free payment plan. Deposit of €250 required to secure a place.

This is the course of choice that our business clients put their employees on. These include LinkedIn, Google, Salesforce, PayPal, Facebook, KPMG Business School, Flutter, NHS, HSE, Keelings, Virgin Media, Oracle, L'Oreal, Accenture and Apple

Designed with over 20 years of experience in Coaching and Training for aspiring individuals, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners who want the highest quality qualification that they can apply immediately with confidence. Experience learning from coaches who are not only master trainers but are leading high impact executive, business and life coaches with a global client list. This course has a multidisciplinary dimension of human behavior, science and neuroscience and is underpinned by the work of Dr Daniel Siegel (AWARE) , Dr Stephen Porges (Polyvalgal) , Dr. John Demartini (Values) and  a number of other key world experts. 

This is the
most Advanced Coaching with Neuroscience qualification you can obtain. It has 9 full modules of all the advanced techniques tools and in-depth study of neuro-coaching elements. You will learn through a dynamic engagement experience with a blended learning mix of e-learning workbooks, recorded content, Live online classes with content experts led by Master Coach Maureen Hewitt. Your learning process includes in-depth theory and knowledge share, recorded resources for deepening your understand, practice and feedback from tutors, peers, mentors and supervisors plus interactive class room engagement with peers. This course assumes little or no prior coaching knowledge and takes you to the Advanced Practitioner level.

We also offer the Practitioner Diploma (6 modules)  and Certificate Course (3 modules) – again no prior coaching knowledge is required.
This coaching with neuroscience course assumes little or no prior coaching knowledge and takes you to an Advanced Practitioner level. If time or budget doesn’t allow you to attend the Advanced Diploma, you can choose from the other options and then upgrade at a later date.

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