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We have held the esteemed position of Trusted Quality Coaching training providers for over 20 years. We have trained thousands of successful coaches, delivered coaching courses into hundreds of the top global companies, designed training modules to increase sales, engagement and performance for over two decades.

We are passionate about all things Coaching and Neuroscience and have been the most active in the space of training and coaching to bring change, raise the standards of best practice and deliver quality CPD in our QCPD community of over 10 years now.
In this digitally transformed, complex and challenging world, we are embracing data and innovation to evolve thinking and behaviours in order to elevate and accelerate change, relationships and performance. We are focusing on the future using and developing best practices for leadership, coaching and self-management. We have a globally informed faculty of exceptional quality and experience to support the continued growth and legacy of quality coaching.
Every time we run our courses they have been updated with the latest tested science, techniques and models. Humans are forever changing and so coaching must stay ahead of the change to keep our coaches ahead of the curve.

Our course curriculums changed dramatically in 2015 to include Neuroscience. Since then we have developed some of the most adopted and impactful coaching tools to enable Leadership and Management shifts in thinking and application of behaviours

We introduced the Coaching approach of C.A.R.E which clusters 4 intelligences in to the process.
C - Conversational Intelligence, A - Adaptive Intelligence, R - Relationship Intelligence and E - Emerge Intelligence. We developed highly effective neuro-performance coaching tools to ensure our Coaches are set up for success not just clients.

Our Founder

maureen coaching services
Maureen Hewitt

"In my work I am known for building sustainable competitive advantage by Growing People to Grow Business powered by EI and Neuroscience
My unique trusted quality style of Coaching offers an optimal learning and growth space for career professionals that is safe, dynamic and impactful, always leading to increased resource capacity and performance. "

Maureen is one of the most trusted and sought after executive and leadership coaches and thought-partner for high-impact behavioural and business change. With significant experience coaching at the most senior executive level in global business, Maureen has a deep knowledge and understanding of operationalizing business management and commercial strategic visions to deliver transformational change at the core of culture architecture. Business leaders and HR organisations including Facebook, Stripe, Linkedin, Intercom, Flutter, Salesforce, Infogrid, Virgin Media, HSE, Zynga Games, Central Bank of Ireland, Eircom and Paypal to name a few are part of her client list.
Maureen has a panel of established and trusted coaches and facilitators within her team that have supported many private and public organizations access coaching for significantly improved impact and performance

Our Purpose

To continually lead, advance and evolve all things Coaching with Neuroscience to ensure it’s quality and standards of delivery always provide the best and most relevant experience for coaches and clients. To provide a positive learning and development environment for the transformation of individuals and groups. To develop high-definition awareness, of self and others, through strengths coaching experiences. To operate true to our values and provide a platform for a global community of coaches to learn, share and contribute to the legacy of quality coaching. We walk our talk - knowing, doing and being.


All our courses carry the esteemed Global Accreditation by the WACN (World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience). This is the leading-edge organisation for the modern professional coach – run by coaches and for coaches.

20 Years of trusted quality coaching.

Globally Accredited Professional Qualifications in
Coaching with Neuroscience.

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